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Egyptian Hieroglyph Translation
The Dwarf Seneb and his wife Sentet

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This is one of the family groups of the ancient Egyptian families, but this one is unusual because the father of the family is a dwarf, but his wife and children are of normal size. Seneb was a very famous dwarf in the time of king Khufu and he held more than one position, including the Chief of the Dwarfs. He wears a normal white short kilt, and he is sitting cross-legged with his hands clasped. his wife Sentet is sitting beside him with her arms around him in an affectionate way. She wears a wig and a long dress. Both Seneb and Sentet are sitting on a bench. Underneath Seneb are their two children, a boy and a girl, both of them hold their fingers to their mouths, as was normally used to represent children. Both Seneb and his son are shown with brown skin, while the mother and daughter have yellow skin, as was usual. We can see the skill of the artist whos has made a balance of the group (symmetry) by placing the two children below their father because of his small size.

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