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The Egyptian Museum in Cairo Friends Society
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New Page Title

On this page we'll list current members and welcome new members.

Here's an example of a format I might use for the members list. Realizing that a web site is a public forum, we might not include member addresses, and we'll be sure to ask members before posting their phone numbers.

Mr. Sayed Hassan (President)

Ahmed Ali Tawfik

Haytham Abdullah Ebeid

Ossama Gamal Mohamed

Yasser Mahmoud Hussein

Mahmoud Kamal Abd el Hamid

Heba Fikry

Iman Zakaria

Heba M.Amin

Maha Ezzat

Mohammed Mamdouh

Yasser Ahmed

Shaimaa Maher

Heba A.Monem

Riham A.Azeez

Yasser Awad

Mohamed Taha


Welcome New Members!

Here we'll include some information about new members, such as:

Charlie Lowney is our newest member. He just moved to our area from San Diego, CA., and is excited about getting involved with our club's activities.

In this area, I might include a link to the "Bulletin Board" page, which includes news and announcements about members.