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Egyptian Hieroglyph Translation
Stela of Amenemhat


Below we show the translation of the hieroglyphic text, the top line is made up of two sentences, one on the right and the other on the left. The name of the son is under the left sentence and the name of the son and daughter under the right sentence.

The invocation food offerings The honoured under Osiris,
to Amenemhat and Iyi. he gives invocation food
Antef Antef and Hapy

Description of the stela.
The ancient Egyptians used to make funerary stelae like this one. This was to ensure that they will be given eternal life, and it sometimes showed family groups like this, or just the deceased with his offerings.
Here we see Amenemhat, the father of the family (with a short beard) and his wife Iyi, between them is their son Antef who is being embraced by them, and on the right is their daughter Hapy standing in a pose of respect. The two men are wearing the normal short kilt and are shown with dark brown skin, as is usual for men, and the women are wearing robes with single straps, and long wigs and anklets and shown with the usual light yellow skin. All the family are wearing necklaces and bracelets. The parents and their son are sitting on a bench, and under his wife we see the handle of a mirror in a basket, which shows that ancient Egyptian women took great care of their appearance, even in the after-life. On the offering table are onions on top of other vegetables with meat at the bottom. Under the table are two loaves of bread.
This stela has very fresh-looking colour

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